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3E goaltending, goalie training


Our goalie Clinics consist of multiple coaches in multiple goalie specific stations. Each station will  consist of a goalie movement and/or shot that will be used during a game situation.  We focus on the perfection of the skill and will break it down with one on one goalie instruction.  Ice times will have 5 - 6 Goalie coaches on the ice with all the students. This helps give each goaltender more 1 on 1 time during the goalie clinic.

3E goaltending, goalie training

Private lessons consist of 1 on 1 training with a goalie instructor.  The goalie instructor will put the goaltender through specified goalie drills picked out by the instructor.  These drills will be chosen prior to each ice time based on the skill level of the goaltender.  Goalies will start with the foundation/basics of goaltending and will build their way up to more advanced drills.  Private lessons will be limited to no more than 2 goaltenders at a time.  This allows for more 1 on 1 time with the goalie instructor to maximize the goaltender's progress.

3E goaltending, goalie training



Group Lessons will be a private lesson with one Goalie Instructor with multiple goaltenders on the ice. Group lessons help goalies to push each other out of their comfort zone and to drive harder with the presence of fellow goaltenders.  Ice times will be organized to have multiple goalies going through drills at the same time to maximize work load during the lesson.  Groups will have to consist of 3 or more goaltenders to receive a group rate during the lesson.

3E goaltending, goalie training



Team Practice Consulting will consist of having a Goalie Instructor at your team practice.   It can either be a 1 on 1 or a 2 on 1 lesson time.  The Goalie Instructor will be able to organize some goalie specific drills and watch you during your team practice.  This enables the coach to talk and help out the goaltender immediately while in a game situation drill.  Depending on the goaltenders, the consulting payment can either be split between the two goalies or one goalie can pay the full amount for the lesson.



Video can be provided during any of these services to help goaltenders see and break down the drills they are performing.  Video is very helpful to find and see the small details the goalie is missing during drills or games.  Videos can be sent via e-mail or external hard drive to help a goaltender see what he/she needs to work on or can be used as a before/after progress video.  A goalie instructor can also analyze any game video or drill video sent.  This is used to help breakdown game movements and saves during practice or a game. An ADD-ON fee will be assessed to any lessons or game video review watched by a Goalie Instructor.

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