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3E goaltending, goalie training


Coach Profile:

Independent Goalie Coach 2005 - Present

International Hockey Schools 2008 - 2012

Southern Illinois Ice Hawks Goalie Insructor 2008 - Present

Meramec Sharks Goalie Instructor 2010 - Present

Lindenwood University 2012 - 2014

3E Goaltending 2013 - Present

Reed Low Training Camp 2013 - Present

USA Hockey Multi District Goalie Camp 2014





Luke Venker

Creator and Head Instructor of 3E Goaltending. Luke has devoted his time and effort to mentor aspiring goaltenders of all skill levels and ages. With over 9 years coaching experience, he helps goalies reach their goals and maximize their potential.  Utilizing a modern butterfly technique and building a solid foundation of skating will not only help them become a better player, but will also help in achieving their team goals. These skills will be achieved through repetitive, technical, energy efficient drills that improve muscle memory, create quick reactions, and promote proper positioning skills applicable to game situations.


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